Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18 Back in Maryland

Leaving my daughter so far away makes me very sad.  I hope our visits can be more frequent in the future.  The above photo was taken the night before I left San Diego.  DH picked me up at the Air port in Washington DC, we stopped at Outback restaurant for a great dinner and was home by 8:00 PM.
I have been catching up on my activities around the house and being with my friends.  I am very lucky that I have a husband who is neat and he kept the house cleaned, no dishes in the sick, beds made, clothes put away.  It made coming home with a happy smile,.  I am sure he would have done more if he hadn't been healing from a broken ankle. 
This is my first post without my DD looking over my shoulder to check me out if I am doing this right.  I am sure she will let me know if I have done something wrong.
Thursday I will finally get around to getting my hair cut, three weeks it grew out of control.  Friday, I am going to spend a day out with my friends playing Bingo and hitting some slots, I will let you know if I get lucky.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old Town Mexican Cafe, February 10

On our way to the Old Town Mexican Cafe, we passed this beautiful Mormon Church (building).  We were driving by and attempted to catch the beauty of this building.  Not nearly a good photo as seeing it out right.  As you can see the dash board was even captured.  

OOOps This was another that I had lost and couldn't find.  Daughter and DH and myself  went to eat dinner and enjoy  Great Mexican food, this was  another busy place.  I think I needed to be rolled home, so filling. 

Phil's BBQ, February 9

A big ooops, I couldn't find these photos, then I posted on the 12th and  I found them.  We had dinner one evening at Phil's BBQ.  This had to be the best BBQ that I ever tasted.  In fact the line to be served wrapped around a block.  This restaurant was printed in the newspaper as great BBQ and Cole slaw,  and the place took off.  I have no idea how many ribs they must cook, but wow, they were great..  Thanks to my DH for taking me there and proving that he was right, that they are the best.  Yummy......

So Sorry, my vacation is over Feb 11

Well all good things must end.  My trip to visit my Daughter Sandra in San Diego was a great three weeks.  Too bad so many miles separate us.  Give anything to have my family in my home state.  We did so many things and we kept very busy.  We even got to take in a movie " Silver Lining Playbook", if you get a chance, go see it and enjoy.  We ate out at a large variety of restaurants, in fact a large amount of food was consumed. lol

I was able to greet a couple of DD friends and catch up on their families as well,.  The time we had together will not be forgotten.

I did come home with a couple of UFO's how nice it would have been if we were able to complete them together.

Now I have to let my mind and body catch up with each other, three hours different in time, makes it slow getting back to normal. 

My next blog will have a little more things to chat about, until then, keep your hands busy, doing the things you love. 

Leave a comment, always so great to hear from you  At the bottom of my blog is two words, No Comment or a number of comments.  Click on thoese two words and it will allow you to make a comment.  Thanks and always, take care of yourself.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun Day at the Casino, February 8

What a great fun day we had yesterday, DD is always busy trying to make me happy.  Left early and she drove about an hour up into the mountains to a place called Alpine, Ca.  It was an Indian Reservation called VIEJAS CASINO.  After trying to figure out the routine, we finally settled in to play a couple of hours of Bingo.  Many games that I was not familiar to playing.  As usual, close but no cigar.  DD did win $25.00 on a door prize.

After coming home, we picked up DD's Husband and went to eat dinner.  We went to Karl Straus Brewery.  It was a cool evening, but so enjoyable.  I don't drink beer, but I did sample a shot of light beer. lol, not too bad.  It was a super day.

Friday, February 8, 2013

PM Shopping Trip on Thursday, February 7

After our delightful lunch, Daughter Sandra and I went to a shopping mall in Escondido. Went to a variety of stores (mostly looking).  Bought a pair of Easy Spirit shoes, shoe store was closing so I got a great sale.  JCP, bought some socks and a couple of other things.  It sure was a big store, nothing like the one where I live.  Proceeded on our way, we came upon a three floor Target store.  Never seen anything like the escalator.  As you can see in the above photos it has an extra traveling stair on the side of the main stairs.  You put your shopping cart in the space next to you and it travels up to the next floor with you, absolutely awesome. Had to use it three time it was so neat.  The mall even had a bowling alley in it and a trackless train for kids that traveled the mall.  Wow, this country gal seen it all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Live from San Diego Lunchtime, February 7

Daughter San and I had our lunch at the Elephant Bar Restaurant in Rancho Bernardo. We caught up with a long time friend Bonnie and enjoyed a super lunch, sure was nice catching up with all her news.  

Live from San Diego! February 7

This is my first blog post!  My daughter helped me get going...boy do I have lots to learn!  I hope to share bits and pieces of my hobbies in coming days.  Love it if you'd leave a comment when you visit so that I know you've been here.  Comments that I've seen on my daughters blog (kwiltnkats) are so fun to read.
Craftsy Block of the Month - March 2012
While visiting my daughter in San Diego I was able to finish this quilt.  It is a design from Craftsy called Broken Spider Web.  Bonnie Hunter also has this design "Bonnie Style" on her website as a free pattern.

My visit is quickly coming to an end :(!  I'll post again soon...