Tuesday, September 27, 2022

September 26, 2022


Sandra wants to work on the making of this back next.  So I will be working on the rail fence design cut out into one of the kits ready for me.

This is the kit along with a sketch of what it needs to end up looking like.  Once I have this sewn Sandra will know how big the back needs to be.  All coming from my stash!  I hope to get to this one after I finish the Broken Courthouse Steps project I started with from her cutting fest!  (Photos to follow later.)  I have all the blocks done for this scrappy quilt and am sewing the rows together right now.
This is another kit all cut out.  All the parts are ready for me, but this one will probably take some time before it will be started.  I had so much of the fabric that will be used for the backing (top) that Sandra took some home for a project she will be making for her nephew and family.  Her nephew, Andy, is the Line Backer Coach for the University of Illinois.  She's planning on two quilts for their downstairs game room in the University's colors, blue and orange.  You will need to check out her blog in the coming days to see when she gets this one going.  
Another project pulled from my stash is this cute one that Sandra continued from her home, is a fabric story book panel squared up with the red/white print.  She saw a friend cutting out a similar book that was made into a small quilt.  
The cloud fabric was also mine shared with Sandra a while ago.  It hadn't been used until now.  How about a bedtime story?  It is all done, just needs a back.

These projects will all come back to me too!

After some sort of design for the flower panels is decided, cut, and kitted up.  
These are orphan blocks.  I always test a block out before I start a project.  These will be made into a sampler quilt.  Why let something go if secondary project can be made with them.  Just takes math to make them all work together; fortunately for me I have Sandra :)
Finally, for now that is, is this fun project that will use up all these fabrics hopefully.  She may need some more from my stash, there is USPS Flat Rate Shipping to get them to her for cutting.  I think more blues, browns, greens, and reds will be heading to San Diego, CA.
If you happen to be wanting a craft show this weekend, my daughter Karen has a booth.  It is her first ever craft show.  You all know how awesome she does with creating crafts.  Wish her the best outcome!  So wish I could help her out, but it is just too much to fight the busy traffic getting there.

So let me close with my great grandson Greyson at the barber.  He's just so darn cute, of course I'm not partial at all!

Friday, September 16, 2022

September 16, 2022


Wow it has been a year since I last updated my blog.  "Sew" let's bring it up-to-date!  This is my sewing room.  All neat and tidy...sure hope that I can continue to keep it this way.  Sandra was just here visiting for nearly two weeks.  She spent much of her time sorting through my stash and preparing kits for me to work on.  What you see on my design wall is a kit of nothing but scraps in 2 1/2" by 4 1/2" pieces of darks and lights.  The pattern is Broken Courthouse Steps.  There are 20 12 1/2" blocks total; half considered dark and half light.  The darks are all done and just a few of the lights so far.

Closeup of two blocks.  There are no seams to match until the rows are sewn together.  This is the first of two kits in this pattern.  The second kit is in red/white/blue, but I get ahead of myself...  There will be sharing of it when the time comes that I will work on it.  The girls at Quilters by the Bay and a few of my followers know how much I love patriotic projects!

This is a tablerunner that I started last year in a Quilters by the Bay workshop.  Sandra helped me finish it off.  It is ready for quilting.  Wait until you see the back I selected.  Sandra sure knows how to move through my stash!

This is my "kit" drawer.  There are three quilt projects and 27 pillow cases in this drawer.  Each one is cut and ready to sew.  Old "Mr. A" has made it difficult to cut.  Sandra has me ready to take precut kits and sew until there is no tomorrow on my trusty Berninia.

A new pair of scissors that will work around "Mr. A" was ordered and delivered from an Etsy Seller.  The larger holes make it "sew" much easier with my fingers.  I am still getting used to them, 4" is the size of these.  The Etsy Seller has other sizes too...we shall see if another pair comes in the future.

DH turned 93 a couple of weeks ago.  He was really surprised when this cake showed up at the golf course with all his golf buddies singing Happy Birthday to him.  Frankly, I was surprised by the singing :).  No cake came home!  The golf cart got pushed into the icing by the lid that was on the cake.  The guys commented that it was stuck in the sand which brought a chuckle to them.  DH has the cart next to his chair in the living room as a reminder of the event.  

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share of a surprise birthday cake that I got just a few days earlier at a Pitch Game that I attend on Mondays.  Mine looked a bit like this one, but it said Happy Birthday Betty (and my age).  What a surprise...everyone sang and no cake came home.

Sandra and I drove to see my favorite Great Grandson one day while she was visiting.  This guy is so darn cute!  Tiffany, Greyson's mom is really doing a great job with him.  He is so smart at two years old this past June.  So now I will close with a treat for you as Greyson enjoys his!  Until next time be safe and wonderful everyday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021


Sandra and I were so thrilled to be able to visit this young man!  Of course we enjoyed visiting with my niece and her husband, but this was only my second time to be with my Great Grandson.  I'm still working on what I should be referred to when he starts talking :)  We practiced a lot of "up and down" moves on the slide.  (Sandra was standing right behind him so no falling would be possible.)

Well, I'm sorry to cut this short...Sandra is here and DH wants dinner.  I hope to start posting again regularly, for now though at least I brought my blog up-to-date.  Its been since 2019 since I last posted!

Take care my friends!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Made this fun bag for Sandra.  She asked for something a little larger than the one I last made her.  Sandra carries a bag to work each day with things she will be using.  This one is made from various strips that are sandwiched with a stiff Pellon by a good sized zig zag stitch.
I used a red dot for the lining.  When she was visiting last month it wasn't quite done.  The handles were adjusted to a wider width; the length was perfect.  The bag was gifted to Sandra for her birthday that was earlier this month.
Oh you might want to know that I won a 1st place prize for my challenge project...the one with the ugly fabric.  I fell in love with making these rope baskets and since this winner was made a few others have been made.

I hope your day is perfect.  Until next time be good.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

Now what to do!

This fabric is certainly UGLY!

This is my challenge from Quilters by the Bay quilting guild for the next membership year. I’ve got an idea...  what say I...  Now you didn’t think for a moment that I’d share, did you?

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

St. Mary's County Fair

This time of the year, my area has country fairs.  This year after volunteering to work in the quilt division it was suggested that I enter a couple of items up for judging.  it was fun and the helpers, staff and friends were so pleasent.
On the last day to pick up my quilts it rained buckets.  OH MY, what a mess the parking lot was.  I had to drive thru mud and then walk to the building. I even lost my shoe for a minute and ugh I was covered in mud.  I would do it again, but if it rains I will be more prepared.

"Salute to the Nurses"

"Salute to the Nurses"

Surprise quilt for Nephew

Took Third Place
                                                                     (will show later)

I  have two table runners that took second and third place.  Also I entered a new project for myself, and I will show that to you when I get another photo.
Thanks to Kerry Marksbury for the quilting, you did an excellent job, and to my daughter Sandi for help in my sewing. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today I'm on my way back to the East Coast.  I'll be spending a few days with my daughter Karen before finally making my way home.  The nearly three weeks spent with Sandra just flew by.  We did all kinds of sewing.  I'm so happy to have a bunch of UFOs cleared out of my sewing stack!  Sandra finds ways to finish tops and her stash keeps me out of my purse while making room for her to store new treasures.  Here's what I left for Kerry to quilt and one project for Sandra to finish (I did get it half the way assembled). 

There were not one or two but five table runners.  The first one was going to be the green with gold print, notice the folded over corner.  When the back of the fabric showed itself next to the pieced top there was a change.  The solid green became the "right side" to use.  Wonder what the binding will end up on this one.  All have a bit of the back fabric left that can be used for binding.

Table runner one

Table runner two

Table runner three

Table runner four

Table runner five in work

The next two quilts are for one of the charities I support.  The nurse project started from a panel.  The nurses, both male and female are done so well.  A little bit of black and white polka dot works well anywhere.

Lastly the largest of my projects is a gift for a family member.  Of course I can't reveal it quite yet...soon.

 I'm already thinking of what UFOs can be dug out of my sewing room for next year!  Have a bright and beautiful day.