Sunday, March 31, 2024

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024


Life is great this Easter Sunday as we celebrate another beginning.  My Daughters are here along with my Son in Law doing things around our home that are much appreciated.  Fortunately the weather has held out to get a few outdoor chores accomplished too.  My Son and Daughter in Law called from Florida earlier today.  My Granddaughter and Great Grandson called from Virginia.  Finally, because the time difference, I spoke with my Son in Law in California.  A spiral ham, mac and cheese, potatoes, brussell sprouts, corn, and butter cressants for our dinner will get started shortly.  We will follow that up with bananna bread in one of the two flavors that my younger Daughter created.  It will definitely be a great day with family.  As you can read, it has been a very busy day!

My older Daughter has been visiting this week doing this and that.  Younger Daughter has spent most of the week here too.  There have been jigsaw puzzles on the table and fabric running under the needle during this time.  And let me say many late nights laughing as board games are played.  Hubby and I are very happy when family visit.

I have been working on a paper pieced ice cream cone quilt for a neighbor who is to have a baby in June.  I made this same design years earlier for a Project Linus charity quilt and thought it would be a good choice for the neighbor's baby whose gender is not yet known.  What you see is the auditioning of borders.  Which would you choose?

Fear not I have made the decision in going with the darker border without the inner border.  A pale blue solid will be the back and a bright orange/white dot will be used for the binding.  There should be plenty of time to get this done before the baby arrives.

Other projects slowly find their way into the sewing queue.  I am recovering from a cold that had me down for way to long.  I am back to the things I love to do...  Hope you have a wonderful Easter.  Until next time be safe and blessed.

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