Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday, October 29, 2022


My most recent finish.  The first four of several pillow case quilts pulled from my "kit drawer".  I am not sure which one I like best.  Is there a favorite of yours?  Note the one on the left has a common theme with another project I have been working on.

Warm Wishes is the second of several quilt projects I have pulled from the "kit drawer" to work on.  This pattern is a favorite of mine.  It makes up quick and uses stash that is a big goal of mine.  I sent the measurements off to Sandra who sewed all the remaining scraps from both the pillow case and quilt projects into a back.  She finished it this week and it will be headed to me shortly.  She also found fabric in a light gray and prepared binding for it once quilted.  Some young child will love the quilt and matching pillow case.

This kit is headed my way too for adding to the "kit drawer".  It is called Scattered Leaves made with a combination of my scraps and Sandra's.  The leaves were a bit tiny finishing at 1 1/2" each unit or a 6" leaf block.  Sandra knows me well enough that making them might be too much a challenge so she made the 20 leaf blocks that the size quilt I plan to make will be made and not become a UFO!  The project will get a border, but that will get figured out once the 20 finished blocks (as you can see from the sample Sandra made for me) are done.  She sure is keeping me in the sewing room and away from puzzle making LOL!  Well almost!

This was the first quilt project that I took on.  It is called Broken Courthouse Steps.  I had all but three blocks done before Sandra left in early September.  I finished those three blocks right after and then put the rows together.  This one is great as there are no seams to match except the union of the blocks.  I have another "kit" using this pattern in my favorite Patriotic colors.  It will use a different unit and block arrangement than this one.  More on it in a future post.  The back is ready for this one.  Another piece of yardage from my stash.

You might remember the table runner Sandra finished for me while visiting.  I had three options for a back and this one was the winner.  It feels so good to use my stash!

Both Sandra and I couldn't find anything appropriate in our stashes for the back of the story book quilt project.  Fortunately Hobby Lobby did!  I have binding prepared for when this one comes back from quilting.

I can't finish off this post without sharing Greyson's Halloween costume for this year.  He just loves heavy appropriate is this?

Until next time, have a wonderful Halloween.

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