Monday, June 6, 2016

Adventures in California!

Hi Friends!
I have had the best of times visiting my daughter Sandra.  Sure seems like yesterday that I arrived, but Southwest will have me as a passenger tomorrow :(.

My adventures were many.  They started with a visit to the San Diego Zoo.  We walked the pathways that were up and down, up and down until our legs were noodles!  We ate lunch in a tree house that we reached via elevator not a rope ladder LOL.      
Next day we rested.  My legs were not ready for the beach scene that Sandra planned quite yet.  Saturday we met up with Sandra's best friend Kerry for the afternoon.  I saw all of her quilting projects along with several of Sandra's waiting to be quilted.  We had lunch and a trip to Costco, fun day!

Preparing for our quilting retreat at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula took priority.  Some last minute purchases at Beverly's and lots of cutting.  This place was great.
My seat was just next to Lisa (on the right) and in front of Candi (on the left).  Sandra sat on the other side of me.  We had large 8' tables to spread out on and I took every bit of it LOL.  It was a fun and productive retreat.  These are some of the quilts that will either go to Project Linus.

There were a few others that were finished that you will need to come back and check on!  I finished one of Joanne Simmons patriotic quilts.  Wait until you see the back on this one "ooh la la"!  A male veteran will love it no doubt.

I have also had fun at Pechanga Resort & Casino.  We stayed the night in an upgraded room, a suite on the 12th floor (what a view), with several hours at the penny slots and a bingo session.  Sandra was lucky with a BINGO during the early bird portion of the evening.  I came close many times, but no cigars for me.

There will be more on a future post.  Do come back!


  1. You two really know how to fill up a schedule, and you have so much fun. I look forward to more of your adventures. : )

  2. I don't know which donation quilt I like the best. The one that glows in the dark should cheer up a child. I can just imagine the giggles that will come from under the covers. Fun times each and every one. Wish your stay could have been even longer...should we try for 4 weeks next year? Love, San