Saturday, May 14, 2016

California here I come !

Getting it all together, I have only my toiletries to add, so excited to be with my oldest daughter.  Twice a year is just not enough to be together.  Sandi has so much planned, she is going to wear me out. lol.  Looking forward to the new retreat center we will be going to.  So many nice, warm and good friends will be together.  Sure will miss Kerry at the retreat, but I will be seeing her while I am visiting.
I will be going to the Penchanga Casino on the way to the retreat, that will be neat.  Can you see my envelope, lol, been collecting extra cash to hopefully win a big game. lol
I will send some news and photos, have a good one.


  1. Very happy for you and Sandi to have time together again. Safe travels and enjoy getting worn out by her. *LOL*
    My oldest daughter will be stopping at our home in just over two weeks, as she crosses the country to move from New Hampshire to Oregon. Can't wait!

    1. I am happy for you as well. Nothing like being with a daughter. I am jealous though, yours will be much closer. lol

    2. I'm pretty excited about that! : )

  2. Positive thinking. YOU AREGOING TO WIN A BIG ONE! Hard to wait for five days to be over; then we'll want those days together to last forever.